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Contest Guidelines

Photos and videos can be of your CC Community, your children's CC class, your family or just your children!

You can submit multiple entries.

For extra ‘spirit’, please include your Community Name & State in any picture and/or video submitted.

Please hashtag your photo entries with #celebratecommunity


You may vote on as many entries as you like but voting is limited to one vote per 24 hours, per entry, per valid, active email.


1 Winner for the photo and video with the most Likes. 

1 Winner for the photo and video with the most people in the photo.

1 Winner for the photo and video that shows the most “spirit”. 

There will be a total of 6 winners: 3 winners from the Photo Contest and 3 winners from the Video Contest.

New Entries


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The purpose of CC Spirit Week is to:

Celebrate Christ

Celebrate Community

Celebrate Classical Conversations